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    The greatest Daily Deals Sites:, Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social, KGB deals 

    russian roubles Free, eBay as it is popularly known, is one of the greatest daily deals sites. Here you gain access to a number of amazing daily deals. From whatever to whatnot, you will find everything on eBay. The payment system is easy as usual and the products are all good. In fact, there are several categories of products on eBay, all arranged as per reviews, deals and discounts. If you are a frequent online shopper like I am, you will surely find eBay to be a space of your liking. There are so many great offers, that you will find it confusing to pick out what you want. At least, I found it a little bewildering in the beginning. But when I knew what I was looking for, the search became immensely easier. You can find almost everything on eBay at great prices, so there is really no need to search other sites.

    Online shoppers today want convenience and flexibility. EBay offers flawless sopping experience to the shoppers as per their changing needs. I feel that the site provides the best online and offline shopping experience. If I want a product I can shop on my computer or computer or even get one from a local partner of eBay. I always feel secure while making payments at eBay.

    Some other cool daily deals sites are Groupon, Living Social, Wowcher and KGB deals. You can use a deals directory like deals extra which has deals and reviews from Groupon, Living Social, Wowcher, KGB deals, and ebay all in one place.

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    Tags: poems   

    Why I decided to self publish my poems 

    Writing in a book Free PhotoI do not consider myself to be a poet. But I must confess that I have been writing poems since my childhood. I wrote my first poem on the death of my pet who was very dear to me and whose death was a great emotional loss to me. But I never thought that I will ever publish my poetry book.

    My decision to self publish the poems was taken at a moment of fate. When I came back from Hyderabad after leaving my job there, I found myself writing poems at a poetry site to explore the magical mystery that Hyderabad introduced. The interplay of random numbers and thoughts and the connection between them belonged to the realms of pure magic. As I slowly discovered myself, I began to express myself in poems like I never did before. It was a forum like environment, where you could have conversation with other friends through poetry. I made some very good friends there. The poems kept alive the memories of those conversations. Besides, I also wrote about some dreams. The desire to self publish came naturally as I wanted to memorize forever the mystery and magic of my poems. The book was published with a cover image of Siva, the silent God of all mysteries.

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    Tags: inner light   

    The first glimpses of inner light through meditation 

    Buddhist Lintel Decorations Free PhotoWould you be surprised to know that all of us are creatures of light? So I discovered on meditation. I found out that this inner light is a beautiful feeling. It was exhausting at the same time, but when I was lost in meditation, I could not feel the exhaustion. It was only after I decided to open my eyes that I realized how exhausted I have become. But the time I spent meditating was totally worthwhile as I realized that there is an amazing kingdom of colorful lights hidden inside my soul. As I discovered it more, I found out that I am a creature of light, In fact, everyone is so, but people often fail to realize it. Once you begin to understand it, you will feel addicted to self-discovery through meditation. The only difference that this kind of addiction has is that it has only positive results on your mind and body.

    After the light dawned on me my life has completely changed. My mind is no longer filled with negative thoughts. It has become an ocean of positive thoughts. Now I see the positive aspects of all that happens in my life. This has made my life beautiful. I have become happy as never before.

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    Tags: memorable rain   

    My most memorable rain 

    Walking in the rain Free PhotoIt was the rain of all rains. I have seen some very amazing rains in my life, but this rain easily took away the cake. It was coming from a distance, and I could see the blue hills of faraway slowly covered by a curtain of white rain. It was a good few kilometers away, but it reached me sooner than I expected. It was torrential and I was drenched. The beauty of the rain was in its amazing violence. It was raining so heavily that I could not see a few feet in front of me. But I made no effort to run to a shade as I was already totally wet. I let the rain fill me up, while I strolled. Luckily, I did not have anything on me that would get damaged in rain. But even though I had, I would have cared less, because I was so thoroughly engaged with the rain.

    It was totally dark. The street was flooded with knee deep water. Suddenly I found something like a rope entangled into my left foot. Oh my God…it was a snake! I got frightened. But the snake was soon swayed away by the heavy flow of water. But I still sweat when I remember that day. The very sight of a snake still frightens me and reminds me of that rainy day. Want to know more? Read here:

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    Tags: ride in a bicycle   

    First day I took her for a ride in a bicycle 

    Cycle Free PhotoI will always remember this first day. I had seen her at a dance show a few days ago and I was immediately attracted to her amazing charm. Though she was not beautiful in the real sense but even her normal figure has some special magnetism. I invited her to dance with me on the dance floor. With some initial signs of shyness she consented. Though I had never seen her before but perhaps she knew me. She stayed only a few blocks from my home. When we came to know about this amazing connection, we became close friends quite soon. In the course of time our friendship grew and we became frank to each other. On a fine afternoon, we decided to go for a bicycle ride. A bicycle in India is often perceived as a romantic means of conveyance, and as she sat in the carrier of my bike, with her hands lightly grasping the edge of my shirt, I felt like a prince riding a steel horse with a princess. The mundane dissolved effortlessly into the magical that day. I still remember the feeling of her touch at the edge of my shirt. We went to an amazing riverside that day

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